January 27, 2012

Any Old Time off of Artfire

The big news at AnyOldTime is that I no longer am associated in any way with the site "Artfire". It turned out to be just a terrible place for me. Apparently, an awful lot of other folks who sell well elsewhere on the internet also found it was a terrible match for them. The owner reported that they went from 85,000 sellers to 15,000 recently. Unfortunately, I used their blog feature to blog about my vintage, but am back here in the big time!

Anyway, I moved the few items I had remaining in this failed experiment at having eggs in more than one basket...over to Etsy, where they sold quickly. As one of my colleagues at Etsy said recently, "If the basket is full of holes...what good is that basket?"

As you may know, I am also a portrait artist, so the fall and early winter are very, very busy for me in that area of my life. You can see some of my portraits <----there, or in my Etsy portrait shop

Etsy is a becoming a very viable place for me to show and sell my smaller portraits.

As far as my vintage is concerned, I almost sold out my shop while I was busy with the portraits, so have been spending the past week or so photographing and listing the vintage that have been waiting for me in boxes! I can't believe all the wonderful items I'm rediscovering! Check it out, here at my etsy shop, Any Old Time Vintage